Natalie Smith

Digital Artist & Craftswoman

Welcome to my portfolio page. I am a passionate, imaginative and conscientious digital artist and arts and crafts creator. I've always been a creative person my whole life and I want to be employed doing what I love by creating my art passions. I create digital art using the most popular industry standard software and hardware. I enjoy sketching on my graphics tablets often and creating a variety of different 2D artwork ranging from pixel art to seeing line art to completion. I also have knitting and sewing skills alongside non-digital artwork experience and I have plans to sell my creations online. Find my CV and portfolio below.

Games Art Portfolio

Blight of the Rose - (Upcoming) Unity, C#

Blight of the Rose is an upcoming multi-platform 2D survival horror game developed in Unity and written in C#. It is being developed in a team of two. The game is set during an apocolpyse style event where a city is overrun by zombie-like beings. One of the main themes of the game is connectivity and the reliance on technology and this theme is featured heavily in the storyline as the player relies on their mobile phone and a modified respirator to survive and locate other survivors. My responsibility is to develop all of the various 2D sprites to import into the project such as control scheme icon, in-game maps, item icon sprites and more. All sprites are work in progress whilst the game is in development. All sprites were made in Aseprite and exported as a png.

Below is a video of the game in its current state. It is in early development and most art isn't final until release.

Item Icons

Consumables - Drink
Consumables - Food
Consumables - Medical
Key Item

Crafting Stations

Placeholder Character 

Control Schemes

User Interface

Development Update Video

Pixel Pinball Arcade - Unity, C# (2020)

Pixel Pinball Arcade is an android arcade game developed in Unity written in C# and released for free on the google play store. Inspired by the popular arcade machine pinball. The game was developed in a team of two which included myself and a 2D artist. This was my second project working in a team of two. My main responsibility was to create the various 2D art assets such as the backgrounds, user interface sprites, game board sprites and so on.

2D Sprites

All sprites were designed and developed by myself taking inspiration from real pinball boards. They were all developed and exported using Aseprite.

Gameplay Video

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